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Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.
     -George Bernard Shaw

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves- in finding themselves.
      -Andre Gide

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Dreaded Packing List

Yikes-- time is flying and I leave for France exactly one week from today.  Major bout of anxiety and minor freak-out have begun...

Packing is going to be rough.  By nature, I am not a light packer.  But from the experience of my last trip to France, I know that I do NOT want to be lugging around an insanely heavy suitcase through the streets and into TGV train cars.  So, I am going to be a responsible traveler and do a "dry run" so-to-speak of my luggage tomorrow and see what fits and what is completely unnecessary.  Someone may need to help me with this...I grow attached to all my shoes and outfits and think of every "what if" situation that might cause me to need ridiculous items.

Here is the packing list.  Drum roll please...

Clothes, clothes and more clothes:
- Nike Shox for the daily run I hope to take
- black leggings, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 tees, Under Armour (running gear)
- hot pink Converse sneakers
- one pair of cute sandals, one pair of flip flops
- black suede booties
- brown wedge sandals that can easily go from summer to fall
- 10 pairs of socks ( who knows when I'll get to do laundry)
- gray and black tissue thin cardigans to throw over t-shirts or dresses as the weather gets colder
- red and white stripe lightweight sweater
- black skinny jeans, denim skinny jeans, wide leg jeans
- air brush Madonna tee
- white v-neck tee
- "vintage" (aka Goodwill) purple transit authority tee
- cream eyelet blouse
- red v-neck blouse
- gray braided edge tee
- gray/back silk tunic
- American Apparel gray, cream and black tanks
- 2 dressier tanks
- 2 long sleeve tops
- 3 dresses and/or skirts
- cutoff jean shorts
- thick tights
- black yoga pants
- pretty scarves!
- brown skinny belt, black thick belt
- white double-breasted crop jacket
- all the "unmentionables"
- Wallaroo straw hat to shadeeee me from the sun in style
- simple string bikini for those European beaches...should I even bring a top? ha

Pour la Toilette:
- my super cute, incredibly tiny TS-2 Detailer flat iron
- Biolage Scalptherapie Oil Control Treatment (dry shampoo)
- wide tooth comb
- Cor silver soap big bar...best travel face wash everr because it lasts forever, it's solid (not liquid) and I don't need any other products
- razor
- travel-size deodorant and toothpaste
- toothbrush
-Bath & Body Works self-meditating body butter
- nail file and clippers
- make-up bag (condensed version)
- turquoise earrings from Mexico, thin silver hoops, small interlocking gold hoops
- gold cuff bracelet, silver dream bracelet, back-up nose ring, cross necklace
- small case of bobby pins and hair twisties

- Wellness H2O water bottle to filter out any funky tap water I come across (Man this would have been helpful last year on Spring Break in Mexico...)
- umbrella
- Sephora Microfiber Hair Towel, regular towel
- tryptophan herbal pills to adjust to the time difference and sleep better
- Macbook, charger, protective sleeve
- digital camera, batteries, camera cord
- travel pillow
- oversized zip tote bag for weekend trips and backpacking
- zebra print beach bag/messenger bag for everyday wear
- address book for all my V.I.P.s that will be receiving post cards
- small journal
- Plan de Paris
- i-pod, obvi
- cream clutch
- oil paints and canvas notebook

Wheww.  Is that too much?  I guess tomorrow will tell.  Do I need gloves and a warm hat during mid-October in France??  Hmm...

Also, I need to buy plug converters and maybe those "As Seen On TV" vacuum bags (depending on how stuffed my suitcase looks).  I plan to buy shampoo, soap, etc. once I arrive in Paris from one of the many pharmacies that dot the streets.  I figure that will make a littleeee more room in my bag (though not much), avoid accidental leaks in my luggage, and allow me to buy cute French toiletries!

Am I missing anything else?  Thoughts??

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Amanda said...

Hey, have fun on your trip...but remember weight rules when packing. I think those vacuum bags will only tempt you to go overwieght. I know they would've done it to me :-) Hop on a scale then hop on a scale with your bag - best way to keep from paying those killer overweight charges.