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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Great Magical Wave-Maker

Beach-worthy hair waves in the dead of winter... what was previously thought impossible is now quite doable with the Remington Emi Style System Dryer with Airwave attachment.

I fell in love with the idea of the Airwave attachment through Beauty Blogging Junkie, but actually decided to buy the contraption when I saw the price.  At only $30(!) and full of rave reviews from all the beauty blogs, I figured it was worth a try.  I needed a new blow dryer anyway.

An ionic ceramic blow dryer, the Remington Emi is good for hair and leaves a healthy shine, but in addition to being a quality blow dryer, it comes with fancy attachments!  That's where the real fun lies.  There are two attachments: a Concentrator attachment that helps smooth and de-frizz hair, and, the really cool one - an Airwave attachment that acts as a mini wind tunnel and corkscrews your hair while drying for a unique mermaid look.  

I lovesss it!  This summer, I really got into the "au naturel" look and let my hair air dry into its natural loose waves everyday.  I became super accustomed to this easy hair routine and got a rude awakening when cold weather set in.  I either froze trying to let my hair air dry, or was unhappy with the results when I tried to enhance my waves with a dryer.  Then, voila, the Emi came into my life.

For loose, beachy waves, here is what I recommend.  Comb a detangle spray/lotion through wet hair and for about 3-5 minutes, blow dry hair with or without the Concentrator attachment (less time for short or fine hair). Next, attach the Airwave and slowly feed in 1-2 inch sections of hair and run the Airwave up and down the length.  After you finish half of your head, you should have a bunch of twisted, pretty dreadlocks.  Spray the section lightly with aerosol hairspray and then do the same to the other side.  Run your fingers through hair and loosen up and separate all the twists, then run larger chunks of hair through the Airwave until hair is just about dry.  Flip your head over and give it another once-over with aerosol hairspray and you're done.  Hair will be dry and have pretty, bouncy waves, too!

You gotta give this one a try.  Drugstore.com

PS - it's even on sale now!  Go on and shop guilt-free ;)

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